Glamourcon Chicago 2006 - Saturday, August 26 & Sunday, August 27 - Pictures From The Event Featuring The Most Beautiful Women of the World

Red Skye Comics wish to thank the Glamourcon team. Thank you Bob. You and your team of workers and volunteers always put on a great show every year!

A Special Thanks To: Crowne Plaza-Chicago/O'hare Food and Beverage Outlet Manager Joe Farrugia and everyone at the Crown Plaza-Chicago/O'Hare for their hospitality and service

To The Red Skye Comics Models for being beautiful sweethearts throughout The entire weekend. The fans love you all!

And to all the fans for all your support throughout a tough year....Thank You!

The Red Skye Team Ready To Take On The Bad Guys! (L-R) Sofiya Smirnova, Alexis Skye, Honey Cruz and Cathy St. George
Alexis Skye, World's Tallest Model, holding her comic book, Amazon-X, which debuted on Saturday and sold out by Sunday.


Cathy St. George holding her Saint 7: International Spy Comic Book - A great seller at most show she attends.
Sofiya Mina Smirnova, the former Nicolette San Sui, holding her Sin-Su: Hunter of Vampires comic book


Honey Cruz, very proud to see herself as the vampire hunter, Vixen
Honey Cruz (Vixen) & Michelle Baena (Solaris)


Sofiya, Faline and Honey Showing Off Red Skye Comics
Alexis Skye and Honey Cruz Holding Their Comic Books, Amazon-X and Vixen.


The "Fantastic Red Skye 4" - Cathy, Honey, Faline and Sofiya otherwise known as Saint 7, Vixen, Xian and Sin-Su. Ready to kick ass and take names!


These Are Good Times at Glamourcon Chicago 2006!
The Ultimate Hot Girls Train....Get On Board! No Boys Allowed!


The Most Fun You'll Have At One Show!
"Girls! Girls! Girls! I Do Adore!"


Quick! Someone Hold My Leg! The Red Skye Comics Models to the Rescue! It's Amazon-X, Sin-Su, Vixen and Saint 7 all in one place!

The Three Stooges...Glamourcon Style!

Models Honey Cruz, Faline Song and Charisse Kailyn


Faline Song and.....a whip? Oh My!


A 3-Table Tribute Was Set Up In Remembrance of Red Skye Comics Model, the beautiful Jasmine Grey (1984-2005)


Catching Up With These Beauties - Vivica Rayy and Sapphira Chanel

The Girls From Polekatz Gentlemen's Club (L-R) Devena, Tiffany and Meadow

UnUntil Next Year....Glamourcon Chicago 2007....Here We Come!

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