Glamourcon Chicago 2007 - Saturday, August 25 & Sunday, August 26 - Check Out The Pictures Below From The Event Featuring The Most Beautiful Women of the World!

Red Skye Comics wish to thank the Glamourcon team. Thank you Bob. You and your team of workers and volunteers always put on a great show every year! - A Special Thanks To: Everyone at the Crown Plaza-Chicago/O'Hare for their hospitality and service - To The Red Skye Comics Models for being beautiful sweethearts throughout The entire weekend. The fans love you all! - And to all the fans for all your support throughout another tough year....Thank You!

The Red Skye Team Ready To Take On More Bad Guys! (L-R) Natalie Lynn, Lisa Perry, Cathy St. George, Elayne Loy, Cindy Pucci and Rossie Cottrell
Bad Guys Tremble! (L-R) Jaimie Nicole, Natalie Lynn, Rossie Cottrell and Lisa Perry


The Gang's All Here! (L-R) Natalie Lynn, Lisa Perry, Elayne Loy, Cindy Pucci and Rossie Cottrell


Jaimie Nicole, shows off her Timehunter comic book that debuted at the show
Natalie Lynn debuts her Fairy Myx comic book.


Rossie Cottrell kicks terrorist ass in Samurai Mai
Lisa Perry, the new Sin-Su: Hunter of Vampires. Bloodsuckers Beware!


The Ladies of Red Skye Comics pose for the camera at their booth
Natalie and Elayne are ready to greet all their fans with a smile


Beauty is Mightier Than The Sword! Rossie, Lisa and Honey Cruz are ready for action!
Honey Cruz and Maylee




Lisa and Friends!
More of Lisa and Friends---Coming This Fall to the Foxy Network


Jaimie Nicole---in Red Skye attire---BEAUTIFUL BABY!
Maylee sports her new toy---video/pic belt--TOTALLY AWESOME!


Red Skye Models know how to strike a pose---Jaimie, Natalie, Rossie, Lisa and Elayne---HOLLA!

Elayne poses outside in this ultra-hot outfit---seriously folks, guys jaws were on the floor!




UnUntil Next Year....Glamourcon Chicago 2008....Here We Come!

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