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Solaris featuring CC Barra - Comic Book, Poster and Cards




Earth is teatened by an alien invader and a large asteroid. Its up to Solaris to stop them both. Will she be able to stop them both and save the planet from destruction? Red Skye Comics Presents: Solaris featuring CC Barra comic book - 16 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art.

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CC Barra - Solaris Comic Book


CC Barra - 8-Pack Picture Trading Cards



CC Barra 11x14 Glossy Posters - $14.99 each


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Hello Everyone! I love to be in front of the camera and be in the spotlight! My personal goal at this point in my life is to get out there as much as possible and take on as many projects as I can handle! I have been traveling around Europe, America even visited Tahiti * what a paradise that island is!! I grew up in Portugal and love the Meditteranean life style and the feel of the sun on my face!

I love America too and all the people that live here! My fave things are shoes, lingerie, boots, great food, music, action, mystery and romantic movies. I hope you like my photos and stay in touch with me every day!

Thank you for visiting my page! Please visit again! xoxo - CC

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