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Eden Van Helsing Featuring Lee-Anne Williams - Comic, Cards and Posters










Eden Van Helsing is part of a team of vampire hunters formed by her grand-father, noted expert, Dr. Van Helsing, a descendant of the legendary vampire hunter, Professor Van Helsing to stop Count Dracula and his allies called The B.L.O.O.D. (Blood Lord Order of Dracula) - The BLOOD Slayers: Eden Van Helsing featuring Lee-Anne Williams is 20 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art with a cover price of $3.99

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Lee-Anne Williams - Eden Van Helsing Comic Book


Lee-Anne Williams - 8-Pack Collectible Cards



Lee-Anne Williams - 11x14 Glossy Poster - $14.99

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About Lee-Anne Williams: Hey guys im Lee-Anne and I'm 25 and have been modelling since i was 17. I'm a down to earth girly who loves a great time wheather its dancing all night at a gig or watching a movie. I love comics, reading, dancing, day dreaming, music, the smell of burnt toast, art and the occasional jack and coke. I really enjoy meeting new people, im very loving and loyal. I talk alot but im also a great listener. However i do have a feisty and impulsive side just to keep things interesting


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