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Samurai Mai featuring Lady Elle - Comic Book, Cards and Posters












On a mission to stop an assassin from murdering a presidential candidate, Samura Mai must use all her fighting skills and super strength to prevent him from taking out his target. Samurai Mai featuring Lady Elle is 16 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art.

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Lady Elle - Samurai Mai Comic Book


Lady Elle - 8-Pack Collectible Cards



Lady Elle - 11x14 Glossy Poster - $14.99

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About Lady Elle: My name is Elle. Two words that describe me are unforgettable and loveable! In all things in life, my greater goals are to grow as an individual and second, leave no life untouched. Iíve accomplished a lot in my lifetime, never letting anyone stop me from what I want out of life. Thatís why Iím more than just a model, Iím an engineer, marketer, writer, wardrobe stylist, boutique owner, mother, and entrepreneur.

Becoming a model has brought a whole new perception and mindset into my life, Iíve had to become stronger and more resilient after putting myself out there. But I take pride in who I am, what Iíve accomplished, and where I came from.

Modeling is a platform for all that I stand for and my voice for those whose voices are unspoken. I may be new, but Iím just getting started with lots more to come.


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