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Killcat Featuring Alexa Kayo - Comic Book, Cards and Posters









Killcat uses her fighting skills and instincts to battle an army of monsters and demons to stop them from taking over her city. Killcat featuring Alexa Kayo is 20 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art with a cover price of $3.99

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Alexa Kayo - Killcat Comic Book


Alexa Kayo - 8-Collectible Cards



Alexa Kayo - 11x14 Glossy Poster - $14.99

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About Alexa Kayo: Alexa Kayo is a multi-talented model who first had an interest in the field at age 11. At age 14 she attended a modeling/acting school. Upon completion of the school, Alexa went back to her life as it was and did not pursue modeling. She instead finished high school and then went on to college to get her associates in fashion merchandising. She wanted to explore a career in the fashion world behind the scenes. Halfway into college, at 19 years of age, Alexa realized how much she missed modeling and decided to start pursuing it seriously.

Alexa attended a couple of model shootouts. The networking she did while participating in the shootouts proved to be very beneficial. It opened doors for her and she started booking work. Her resume consist of runway shows, the local fashion week, car shows, promotional modeling, working with local retail stores as a model, hair and makeup model, and music videos.

Today, Alexa is even more serious than ever before. She dreams of gracing major magazine covers, working with top photographers and industry people and being a household name. With the many talents and interest that Alexa has such as a natural dance ability, singing/song writing, and acting her dreams are not far from becoming a reality.

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