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Aurora Stone featuring Jessica Doan - Comic Book, Cards and Posters













Secret agent, Aurora Stone must track down a spy, before he sells stolen top secret files to the highest bidder. Red Skye Comics Presents: Aurora Stone Featuring Jessica Doan is 16 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art

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Jessica Doan - Aurora Stone Comic Book


Jessica Doan - 8-Collectible Cards



Jessica Doan - 11x14 Glossy Poster - $14.99

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About Jessica Doan: An energetic, outgoing, God loving, & hardworking whoaman, I just pulled a humongous career change, changing from my medical/doctor course to hustling after ALL my craziest entertainment & business dreams. Unbridled passion for living life out the wazoo, always thankful & living in each precious fun-filled moment! A blend of geek and jock, with past achievements including graduating valedictorian & nationally ranked cross country runner, I legit am the most motivated & enthusiastic person I know & am undoubtedly the most easily amused weirdo out there...quite fond of cracking jokes along the lines of: two peanuts were walking down a dark was assaulted. Doanut= Model/Spokesperson/Personality + Actor/RealityTV/Songwriter/Entertainment + Entreprenuer (BDR Rogue Distills, LLC; the first rogue distillery in SE, in the works) + Social Mediast (w/SEO opt., content-driven, & marketing/advertising/branding business prowess) + Networker (check out my LinkedIn profile & connections- Jessica Doan) + FREE SPIRIT When in doubt, FREAK EM OUT.



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