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The year is 2038. Not many years from us now. Yet, far from the reality we know.

It's a world where World War II continues. Adolf Hitler and his Axis Force have taken over most of the Eastern Hemisphere. For nearly a century, The Axis Force have wanted to control the entire world. Edging closer to using nothing but science and magic, Hitler, kept alive by an immortality chamber, plans a full scale assault on The Allied forces and the people of the West. Will he succeed?

Enter: Agent Nika. A Former agent of the Axis and a trained assassin, now a member of the Allied Elite Force. She knows her enemy and she trains her team to know them even better. Red Skye Comics Presents Agent Nika is an "alternate reality" story where Hitler and his army defeated both England and Russia using magical forces and science and how one of their best agent, Agent Nika, is determined to put an end to their terror.

In "Resistance and Defiance", Agent Nika faces off with General Viktor, an Axis agent enhanced with super-powers, who once trained Nika and, now, wants her dead. As Viktor and his army wage war on an island in the South Atlantic, Agent Nika has discovered their real intentions: locating the powerful Black Diamond. Rumored to have great powers, the Black Diamond had been lost since 37 B.C.

Hitler and Viktor have used every resource to find it, knowing that its powers could turn the tide of the war in their favor. Agent Nika knows this also and must find it before they do. Even if it kills her.

An action packed adventure that takes the reader into a world of urgency and danger, Red Skye Comics Presents: Agent Nika is 16 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art. Available now from Red Skye Comics with a cover price of $3.00.

Agent Nika featuring Beny Crisol - Comic Book - $3.00

Beny Crisol 8-Pack Trading Cards - $3.00

Beny Crisol - 11x14 Glossy Poster - $20.00



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