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Red Skye Comics Presents Saint 7 International Spy - When an evil organization known as the International Terrorist League plots to create weapons to destroy the world, Special Agent Saint 7 goes undercover to thwart their plans. But, unfortunately, her cover is blown and she's captured and tortured. Using every available resource at her disposal, Saint 7 escapes but not before detonating a series of bombs to throw off the enemy....

And this begins Red Skye Comics Presents: Saint 7 International Spy With only hours to stop the terrorists, Saint 7 must face off with an assortment of mercenaries including her sworn enemy Deva 6 and the mysterious Sonic 17. Its only a matter of time as she must make some quick decisions that may or may not be the end of the world's sexiest spy. Filled with action, humor and intrigue, Red Skye Comics Presents: Saint 7 International Spy is 16 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art.

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Cathy St. George - Saint 7 Comic Book


Cathy St. George - 8-Pack Picture Trading Cards



Cathy St. George - 11x14 Glossy Poster - $14.99

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About Cathy St. George: Lovely, buxom and slender blonde model, actress and make-up artist Cathy St. George was born on August 23, 1954 in Norfolk, Virginia. An Army brat, Cathy moved with her family to Los Angeles, California. St. George started out working for "Playboy" as a make-up artist. Cathy was the Playmate of the Month in the August, 1982 issue of "Playboy." She posed with her sister Toni for a pictorial in the April, 1985 issue of "Playboy." Moreover, St. George has appeared in a handful of "Playboy" special edition publications and was featured in several "Playboy" videos. Cathy not only has acted in a few films and TV shows, but also has modeled for various artists. In addition, she has worked as a make-up artist in print, film, and television. Cathy owns a dog named Tallulah and makes regular appearances at assorted conventions held all over America. Cathy St. George lives in New York City.

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