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Laura Brunson - Red Skye Comics Presents: Cali Bond

Secret agent, Cali Bond is in for the fight of her life as a group of terrorists plan an attack on a undisclosed United States research facility. Can she stop them in time or will top secret information fall into the enemy's hands? And who is the leader of the terrorists that claims to know information concerning a British spy who's been missing for years? And could this same spy be her father? Find out this and more in Red Skye Comics Presents: Cali Bond Featuring Laura Brunson

20 pages with full color cover and b/w interior art and a cover price of $2.99

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Cali Bond Featuring Laura Brunson

Comic Book - $2.99

Laura Brunson's Hot Pics!

8 Trading Cards - $3.99


Laura Brunson - Poster

Size: 11x14 Glossy - $11.99


Laura Brunson - Profile e-Book - $1.99 - e-Book Download sent to your email within 24-48 hrs of purchase




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